The smart app for successful sales people!

SalesTool makes customer acquisition for your team out in the field as well as in the back office easier. Your team gains more time to focus on the customers!

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Assign tasks


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Your benefits

for the back office

  Increase transparency: Important information is recorded in the customer appointment and immediately forwarded to the colleagues.

  Documented: Complete all upcoming tasks in a timely and comprehensible manner.

  Outlook-Integration: The tasks are transmitted and filed as Microsoft Outlook tasks.

for sales agents

  Save time: In preparing the customer appointments by looking at the open and completed tasks. Hardly any post-processing as the essential activities are already done at the customer appointment.

  Up to date: Always with the current processing status on site at the customer thanks to the automatic synchronization.

for sales managers

  Improve customer satisfaction: Quick response to customer requirements and reliable processing of open points through a seamless flow of information.

  SalesTool supplements your CRM-System: In the customer meeting, the visit report is created immediately and sent to the customer and the colleagues or stored directly in the CRM.


Wolfgang Dannerer

Project engineer, Bacon Gebäudetechnik GmbH
I am a project engineer in the service department and SalesTool helps me with structured project handling and daily activities. The customer and the colleagues can implement the further agreed steps immediately after sending the reports and tasks.

Andreas Höllinger

CEO, Andares Marketing und Kommunikation
Due to “Sales Tool” sales and frequent customer, but also internal project meetings have been become significant more efficient. Promptly forwarding of notes, tasks and agreements create a high level of obligation on all sides.

Gilbert Bauernfeind

A proverb says: whoever writes remains. Often days pass until visiting reports are written. Not so with the help of SalesTool. All contents and tasks of the conversation are communicated immediately after the appointment. It can not be faster!

Bernhard Fischer

CEO, ebmpapst Austria
SalesTool is now used by the entire sales organization at ebm-papst Austria. Each sales agents saves up to four hours a week on creating visit reports.

Jelena Kajtez

Sales Team
Sharing tasks and reports is a great help for the office staff and makes the customer service more efficient. With SalesTool the flow of information between the involved people has improved considerably.

Markus Kroner

SalesTool provides perfect support for the sales agent out in the field. The effort for customer service is noticeably reduced, leaving more time for new customer acquisition.

SalesTool at a glance


Use the structured input dialog to create your visit reports. The reports are automatically formatted and can either be printed or sent as a PDF file.


It is possible to distinguish between internal and external topics. Internal points are only visible for a restricted group of people.


Assign tasks to a contact or to the internal staff with a due date.


The creation of sales and project teams with different team colors helps you to share your reports quickly.


The reports, tasks and notes are summarized per customer. A simple to use and structured user interface is an essential feature of SalesTool.


To ensure that no information is lost, notes can be created for customers.


SalesTool is available for the iOS mobile operating system and therefore usable on your iPhone and iPad. A version for Android is currently being created.


You can either import contacts from your address book or manually add them. The contacts are grouped by company name.


The data is synchronized to your mobile devices while the app also works offline.

Use attachments in form of drawings, PDFs and photos for the meeting point and tasks.


Add easily and quickly meeting and task templates to the report.



Customers can be shared with all SalesTool-users in the company. This allows your colleagues to access your shared reports and contacts.